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Reviewed by Aida Nejad 10/10

There is no secret that Bogart made a lot of bad movies throughout hiscareer, such as, oh, lets say "Sirocco". He said it himself! But thereis also no secret that he is one of the greatest actors ever in historyof film and that he made his share of unforgettable and great filmslike "Casablanca" or even the ones less famous, such as "In A LonelyPlace". He is my favorite actor ever. And I am so happy that his lastfilm was well acted and had an awesome story. Rod Steiger was also goodin this historical boxing picture, with the large Mike Lane and some ofthe other less famous actors. But no matter what, Bogart owns thisfilm, just as he seems to own all the other films he ever played in.Except from "The Raging Bull" (which I saw years ago!) this is the bestboxing film I've seen! The fights were really well made and the"injuries" were believable and it really looked like they were bleedingor that they were really bad injured. I would say that this has abouteverything a great film needs, that includes Bogart. Once again, soglad this film, his last, was one of his absolute best!

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Reviewed by eadoe

I just saw this film and now realize that Sly Stallone must havewatched it about a hundred times before staging the fight scenes inRocky &#150; he even recreated the subtle touch when Toro&#39;s coach cuts hiseyelid in the fight to release the built-up blood (except in this film,you only see him go for the eye with a scalpel but don&#39;t see himactually cut it as you do in Rocky). The final fight at the end of thismovie is THE most gruesome fight ever filmed. Stallone tried to capturethis in Rocky, but it has nowhere NEAR the realism of the fight in TheHarder They Fall. This is partly because it is shot in black and white,which for some reason makes everything seem more gruesome than color;partly because of the foggy, staggering way it is shot, as if you areseeing the punches through the groggy boxer&#39;s eyes; and partly becausethe actor who played Toro was not a star like Stallone or DeNiro inRaging Bull &#150; they could make him look like a true wreck, a distorted,disfigured wreck &#150; without fear of diminishing his &quot;star&quot; qualityhandsomeness.<br><br>My favorite line in this movie is when Bogart angrily asks Steiger howhe&#39;d like to have his jaw broken like Toro&#39;s. Steiger&#39;s henchmenimmediately start to converge on Bogart, who says, &quot;He didn&#39;t have 5guys in the ring with him.&quot; It&#39;s a great line that brings home how thepowerful are protected from the very pain they inflict on others.<br><br>The movie&#39;s title, from the old saying, &quot;the bigger they are, theharder they fall,&quot; is also very ironic, because the &quot;big&quot; guys &#150;Steiger and the corrupt fight backers &#150; actually never &quot;fall&quot; &#150; it isonly the &quot;little&quot; guys, like Toro, who fall the hardest.<br><br>By the way, it was really spooky seeing Max Baer himself re-create hishistoric fight with Primo Carnera in this film, which is based on MaxBaer&#39;s historic fight with Primo Carnera! You can see a film of this1934 fight online, in which Baer knocks Carnera down 11 times in 11rounds. By round 2, Baer was actually chasing Carnera around the ring,and at least 3 times he knocked him down so hard that he actually fellon top of him!

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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7/10

This was an interesting story but not always enjoyable to watch, simplybecause it&#39;s a real downer in spots, and seeing an ill Humphrey Bogartwas sad.<br><br>Bogart, as &quot;Eddie Willis,&quot; plays a decent guy who knows he&#39;s doing thewrong thing so he&#39;s ornery for most of the film. His conscience isgetting the best of him. Not many others in here are happy, either, forthat matter, in this tale of crooked boxing. Boy, filmmakers in the&#39;40s and &#39;50s loved making crooked boxing stories.<br><br>What&#39;s also different about this is the featured boxer: a 6-foot-8Argentinian import named &quot;Toro Moreno&quot; (Mike Lane), a stiff who isbeing groomed for the heavyweight championship via a series of fixedfights, led by the crooked promoter played by Rod Steiger.<br><br>Along the way, it was interesting to see real-life fighters Max Baerand Jersey Joe Walcott. <br><br>Bogart died a little a little over a year after making this film. Helooked haggard, which is understandable, but he still did his normalexcellent job of acting and keeping the story interesting. Like him ornot, Bogart always got your interest. He, along with James Cagney, werethe best at dominating a film.<br><br>A decent boxing film, but nothing spectacular, to be honest. There aremany, many better boxing movies, but this is still worth watching.

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