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Reviewed by J.E. O'Brien 8/10

I am so accustomed to silly, poorly written and acted films on theSciFi channel it was an enormous surprise when this film aired lastnight. A bit too good of a surprise as I was so disturbed by a scareearly in the film I ended up staying up entirely too late - toounhinged to go to bed and turn off the lights.<br><br>I now know this wasn&#x27;t made by the SciFi channel although I don&#x27;trecall ever hearing of it before or seeing a theatrical release.<br><br>Above average acting (the little boy and female lead are more thancompetent), an original plot and that scare toward the beginning of thefilm still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Really didn&#x27;tsee it coming - sounds as if it may be revealed in some trailer - DON&#x27;TWATCH THE TRAILER! Oh, and best of all, a real horror film, not thatnauseating torture porn that passes as horror these days.<br><br>Also - good cinematography and adequate special effects. There is solittle decent horror made these days that isn&#x27;t just played for laughsor the gross-out factor. Worth staying up to watch - I promise youwon&#x27;t desperately wish to get that 2 hours of your life back!

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Reviewed by ctomvelu-1 7/10

Jaime Kinmg stars as a young mom in THEY WAIT, a murder mystery andghost story rolled into one. She travels to the state from her home inShaghai to attend a funeral. Weird things begin to happen almostimmediately, including the son sliding into a trance-lie state and amute young Chinese woman popping up and then disappearing again. Loversof ghost movies, especially ones with a revenge plot, will figure outthe plot early on, but they are likely to be surprised by the ultimatesolution. We get a little Chinese folklore mixed in to spice things up.King is the only recognizable name in the cast, and appears invirtually every scene. She does a fine job as a harried mother tryingto make sense of the many odd things that happen to her. The movie isatmospheric and occasionally scary. It is in the vein of THE OTHERS andSIXTH SENSE.

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Reviewed by Sabalon 7/10

Don&#39;t get me wrong, I love The Ring, The Grudge, and most J-Horrormovies with the jerky movement ghosts and tales of revenge.<br><br>However this movie seemed to be able to communicate the same conceptsthat make the Asian ghost stories so intriguing without resorting toall the same clich&eacute;s. And when they do decide to throw in a jump scene,it is usually not where you expect it or completely out of nowhere.<br><br>It is a simple story that has been told over and over, but this addsand Asian twist with concepts such as Hungry Ghost Month and SpiritMoney without alienating a western audience.<br><br>Overall the story is pretty predictable and that is the only downsideto this movie. Once you figure out what is going on, it&#39;s pretty much a&quot;which road will they take to the end&quot; as opposed to a surprise aroundeach corner. The acting is pretty decent for this type of flick. Thekid actually does a good job - never know how they will do in these.<br><br>I would recommend this if you want to introduce some of the elements ofa good Asian horror story without all the oddness that is directlycopied in some of the other remakes. Many of the concepts of the genreare there without the kabuki inspired movements.

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