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Reviewed by judgejon99 1/10

Loathed that I am to say this...but this sadly is NOT one of the bestefforts Jeremy and good old James May have put together...Hammond isnot around, he actually adds something to the trio on normaloccasions...So the don't believe the hype that has been going on allthe radio the TV shows...and anywhere else where you get free time toPUSH your product...Just because they team up...spend lots of moneygoing sideways around a track and destroying tyres in 25 minutes doesnot make this a GREAT DVD...I fell asleep so did not even see the end,my dog woke me as there was white noise from the DVD player...I amgrateful that I did not get this for an Xmas I was able tosource from other areas...if you have money to spend, buy a round ofdrinks...look at the TOP GEAR will make much moresense...and best of all this less than exciting DVD wont be in the rackgathering dust...You have not missed anything at me I stilllove the TOP GEAR programmes... will still avidly watch there new showcoming soon on the good old BBC...

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Reviewed by paul-545-501338 1/10

Being an avid viewer of Top Gear, this film is just another episode,and not a good one at that! Only Clarkson & May, which is a littlebenefit. This DVD is being sold as a 'Special' Top Gear, take it fromme, there is nothing special about this DVD, all of the BBC TV versionsare better! Do Not waste your money! The TV specials are so muchbetter, this is just a yearly offering from Clarkson (most of his Xmasstocking filler video's are rubbish, all made on the back of 'TopGears' success)This time with the backing of Top Gear and with JamesMay. The cars reviewed are not as bad as the story line or thePresenters trying to steal your Xmas cash! Avoid at all costs!

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