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Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7/10

Peter Weir's first film and, looking back to when I originally saw thison general release, this could be described as my first exploitationmovie. I always had a soft spot for it and later recognised elementsfrom such video treats as, 2000 Maniacs. Not overlong, it still seems alittle slow now at times but it's probably because unlike in the mid70s when this was considered unique , so much else has been seen. Evenso it's well worth watching and whilst in my memory this was all aboutdressed up cars battling it out, this is , in fact, much more a cynicalview of the director's homeland. The mayor who at first seemsprotective and halfway decent turns out to be the 'fascist' for whomthis whole enterprise is run. Paris, Australia, of course, not Francealthough the enigmatic finale will have you guessing.

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Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg ([email protected]) 7/10

Before Peter Weir got really famous, he made this strange but worthseeing flick about a small town in Australia whose local economycenters on car wrecks, and how they draw an outsider in. &quot;The Cars ThatAte Paris&quot; doesn&#39;t star anyone whom you would recognize, and there&#39;s nobig action scenes here, but that actually gives the movie a morerealistic feeling.<br><br>I should identify that this is not a movie for those with shortattention spans. It&#39;s not likely to stick heavily in your memory theway that most of Peter Weir&#39;s movies do (it&#39;s certainly not my favoriteof his movies). But still, it&#39;s something to check out as a historicalreference if nothing else.<br><br>&quot;I can drive!&quot; You&#39;ll probably feel like you can too.

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Reviewed by Alice_K 8/10

A camp horror classic and Weir's feature debut. It's smart, gross,cheeky, macabre and just great. <br><br>Don't watch it if you think low budget is the same as being'amateurish' because it's not. And if you're not used to AustralianEnglish, well, try not to panic. Doesn't matter if you don't get everyword - just go with it!<br><br>This is the kind of film you don't see much any more, perhaps a productof its era. They weren't thinking much about marketing or targetdemographics - these filmmakers were just having a lot of fun,experimenting and coming up with something unique. Genre crossing,challenging and freaky, it also taps into some big themes aboutAustralian identity and paranoia.

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