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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Megan Schmidt 1

OK so I hated this movie so much that I went through the effort to make an account on here!!! That's saying something but about the movie the scenes are poorly filmed crap that a high school student could film where you just look at it and go wow really! it is all so fake looking and weird!! I am a graphic artist and part of my job is writing fake reviews for companies and let me tell you this I guarantee half or all of those good reviews are fake I have written plenty myself so don't believe them for one second. This movie is a waste of your time and should be buried and I usually am not to picky with movies but come on! This i the worst movie I have ever seen!!! Movies like this shouldn't be released!! Acting horrible plot is horrible and dang its just a knock off of the exorcist! The opening scene is somewhat OK but still not that good and than it goes and the special effects just make you go.... What year do you think this is its not fooling anyone! Please I can't be helped but don't watch this horrid movie!!!

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Reviewed by Molly Aeterna 1

I wish I could give this movie a zero. It does not even deserve a one. The entire movie is a rip off of other possession/exorcism movies. It's evident that whoever wrote and directed this movie did not have one creative bone in their body. It's almost as if the people behind this sat down, watched any exorcism based movie they could find. And just took bits and pieces. It's a Frankenstein of a movie and I really wish this monster hadn't come to life. The acting is completely awful, I hope the actors (other than Trejo or Roberts) have a day job because acting shouldn't be it. Even the most die hard of Trejo fans would have trouble watching this movie. If you like B movies this isn't for you. This is more a D- movie. Whoever wrote the dialogue was trying way to hard to be witty. The dialogue felt forced and unnatural. Watching it I wasn't sure if it was meant to be funny or taken seriously. I still really don't, but I hope it isn't the latter. What is probably the most unbearable part of the movie is knowing that someone invested 4 million on this cliche infested movie. I've eaten alphabet soup that was more original than this film. Where was that money? The graphics were decent, but no where near worth 4 mill. It had to go somewhere, and something tells me it wasn't the movie. I know this may seem harsh, but I try my best to support indie filmmakers and indie actors. They are some of the best in the business. Indie filmmakers are one of the things keeping the horror industry alive, an industry focusing on what will sell and not what will withstand the test of time. This movie was not a part of that. So to know that this money could of gone to people with actual talent or at least a half baked original idea is a crime. The only way I would recommend this movie is if you're out of ipecac and need to vomit.

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Reviewed by vetsera 1

I have been an active member on IMDb for more than 6 years now and have never had given a movie a 1 rating. Until now. This movie does not have one feature I could praise. The acting is worse than mediocre (though to be honest I must say I watched it dubbed which could worsen the already bad situation), the story is uninteresting or I dare to say nonsense. There is not a single scene or performance I was able to enjoy. As for the music, it was so unimpressive I can't even remember any part of it that I liked. The conversations are dull and boring. I couldn't have cared less about what is going to happen to these characters: it didn't matter if they get killed or possessed or live happily ever after; the only thing I was concerned about was when this pitiful excuse for a movie is going to end. At the end of my reviews, I like to give a recommendation as to whom I recommend and whom I don't recommend the movie in question. Well this one, I don't recommend to anyone. Not even my worst enemy...

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